Annular Brooch Information Poster, using original finds illustration of turret brooch, reconstruction painting of fastening of brooch, and diagrams showing method of fastening.


Series of three digitally-drawn diagrams illustrating the method of fastening an annular brooch. Designed for inclusion in the annular brooch information poster, above. 2008.


'Maud & Moll - the Warrior & the Witch' information poster. 2008.

An information poster giving information about 12th Century Anglo-Norman noblewoman Maud de Braose's life & actions during the siege & Battle of Painscastle in 1198, and her subsequent demonisation in Welsh folklore. I wanted to show the contrast in how a historical figure can be perceived, based on differently-biased historical accounts; in this case the Anglo-Norman chronicle record versus the Welsh folktale tradition. I've used different visual languages to depict the two different natures of 'evidence' about her; the blue 'graphic-style' images depict the folk story, and the more traditional style gouache paintings show the events recorded by Norman chroniclers.

I also designed a Welsh language version, below.


'Maud a Moll' Welsh language information poster. 2008.