A series of visualisations of a Welsh folk-tale about Moll Walbee. Digitally-collaged ink & gouache paintings and original photography. 2008.

The Welsh folk-tales about Moll Walbee were based on a real 12th century Anglo-Norman noblewoman living in the Welsh Marches, whose name was Maud de Braose (please see Reconstruction Drawings page for images of Maud). Maud was demonised in Welsh folklore after playing a part in the slaughter of hundreds of Welsh soldiers during the siege and Battle of Painscastle, and has been immortalised in these legends as a giantess and a witch.

In this series of images, she can be seen gathering rocks by moonlight, and carrying them in her apron. This particular folk legend about her tells that she built a castle single-handedly in one night using this method!



Indian ink painting of Aesculapius, the Greek (and later Roman) god of Medicine. Commissioned for a temporary exhibition at the Oxfordshire Museum. Ink on watercolour paper, 2010.